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Basic Life Support Obstetrics

Basic Life Support in Obstetrics

The Basic Life Support in Obstetrics (BLSOR) program has been developed to prepare participants to manage normal labor and obstetrical emergencies. BLSO is appropriate for several audiences, including: pre-hospital care providers, emergency department personnel, as well as medical, nursing and physician assistant students.

BLSO is a one-day course that offers evidence-based, hands-on workshops with mnemonics and case-based discussions that can play an important role in promoting teamwork. Pre-hospital resuscitation, communication in transit and transition to hospital care can be improved when pre-hospital and hospital providers share a conceptual framework. 
The BLSO course is designed for EMS and Emergency Department healthcare providers. The 8 hour course covers 8 hours of the NREMT 16 hours Obstetrics & Pediatrics category.  
Location: Wayne County EMS
Cost: $100 which includes the provider manual and mnemonic card
Prepayment is required so the materials can be shipped in time so the student can have adequate preparation for the course. The course can be paid for by check or cash delivered to Wayne County EMS or by Paypal.
1. Course overview

2. Normal labor
• Introduction to normal labor
• View video of normal labor
• Practice normal delivery with mannequins

3. Emergent prenatal assessment
• Minilecture
• Practice taking history, maternal exam and listening to fetal heart with a Doppler stethoscope or fetoscope 

4. Saving the life of the mother: postpartum hemorrhage and maternal

• Mini-lecture
• Practice PPH resuscitation and 4 Ts with fundal massage on mannequin using models for firm (hard ball in sock) and boggy (rice in sock) uteri 
• Practice trauma resuscitation with mannequins

5. Malpresentations
• Mini-lecture
• Using mannequins, practice recognition of most common malpresentations (transverse lie, occiput posterior, breech, brow, compound or face presentation) and how to manage in pre-hospital setting with emphasis on breech 

6. Shoulder dystocia
• Mini-lecture
• Review HELP-R (the ALSO® HELPE-RR mnemonic simplified for BLSO™) 
• Using mannequins, practice maneuvers for shoulder dystocia

7. Hypertensive emergencies in pregnancy
• Mini-lecture
• Case discussion of pre-eclampsia/eclampsia case

8. Preterm labor and premature rupture of membranes (PROM)
• Mini-lecture
• Case discussion of PTL and PROM

9. Saving the life of the baby (neonatal resuscitation)
• Mini-lecture
• Case based small group practice with neonatal resuscitation using infant mannequins (warming, drying, stimulating, skin to skin under blanket with mom, early breast feeding, basic Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP) assessment and resuscitation if equipment available)